I finally did it.  I got rid of all my jewel cases for my CD's.  We bought 2 120 CD  binders - but it wasn't quite enough.  Ugh.  It took me almost 4 hrs to go through and pull the CD's out (along with whatever insert would fit) and put them in and I still didn't finish completely.  There's about 30 more CD's to go that will have to go in another binder.

On the one hand it was really good to get rid of 2 garbage bags worth of jewel cases that had been taking up space in our place - but on the other hand that's a lot of CDs that I don't really listen to.  I've ripped anything that I might even possible listen to into iTunes - that gave me 2709 songs, or 7.9 days worth of music played back to back, or 12.98GB of music encoded in AAC at 160kbps - but there's still a lot of CD's that I probably won't ever pull out to play.

I went out with Mark to the Yard last night for cheap beer and an ok chicken caesar wrap.  I still haven't found a replacement for the Odeon's wrap that seemed to lift up my day and light up my night.  Anyway.  Trav bought the Megaman collection so we hit that up for a bit in a Megaman 2 kinda way.  I wonder how many hours have been spent on games like that - where you play the original when you're a kid, and then play it all over again when they come out with a 'retro' version that you pick up as an adult?

CD's Are A Thing of the Past