(that's pronounced "Why F-eye", not wiffi btw)

A weekend without wifi is like a weekend without warm weather.  Oh wait.. I got to experience both this weekend.  :)

Eating the goods

Some new pics up in home improvement (we painted our bedroom), friends (BBQ and video gamin at our 'summer home' - props to Ging and Larissa for making the trek to hang out with us), and a couple new pics (1, 2) in the Artsy Fartsy gallery - doing some fooling around with the macro mode on my camera.

We watched In America on Saturday night and then watched it again last night with the director's commentary on.  I'm a sucker for all things Irish and so I may be a bit biased, but it's a great movie.  The acting by the two young girls in it is worth the rental alone.

Speaking of Irish stuff, someone was apparently hanging outside U2's studio and recorded a possible new U2 song.  The sound of the wind is just all the hot air coming from Bono's mouth.  (Grabbed from U2log.com.)

Weekend Without WiFi