When I read something like that, it makes the back and front parts of my brain want to touch themselves together.

- Beautiful quote from today's Penny Arcade.

I tried to enlighten LT about the way that Gallery (the program) goes way above and beyond any other web image gallery program I've seen or experienced.  You can even upload a zip file of images and it will automatically unzip all 300 pictures of your grandma-ma's birthday party and seperate it out into thumbnails, regular image size and freaking huge size that you forgot to shrink down, all on 30 pages with 10 pictures per page and a nice easy menu system.  On top of all that you can get this amazing experience for the low, low price of free.

But LT would have none of it.  All he could see was my ugly face on my own gallery and wouldn't look at it.

So I changed my default images on my gallery, added some photos of flowers, a watermelon candle and even a picture of Travis killing a fly.  Hopefully this will enlighten LT into the ways of  Gallery.

For the mennoboys (and girl) out there, I'm thinking about installing it on our server here - but I'm a little worried about space issues.  We're sitting around 130MB of our 200MB right now and if people start going image crazy we could eat that up in a hurry.  But maybe I'll install it and we can see how it goes with 5 people pumping pictures onto the server.