And not in a good way.  Movabletype launched the developer's edition of MT3 which gives us a peek at what's in store for the regular joe blow version coming later.  (Acutally they've put out their personal license options now) Basically if you have more than one or author and/or more than 3 weblogs on a single site, you have to pay.  The Personal Edition will regularly be $99.95US and gives you up to 3 authors and up to 5 weblogs.

On mennoboy we've officially got 4 blogs with 4 authors.  That means I'd really have to look at getting the Personal Edition Volume License 1 for the bargin price of $149.95US.  Ouch.  Not to mention the 8 authors and 4 blogs we have on Sue's family site.  There's a lot of unhappy folks in the blogosphere.

I'm really not sure what to do for the site I'm supposed to be redesigining.  I have nothing personally against LT's system, but it only half works on most Mac browsers and I can't help people use something I can't see.

I'm really hoping the outcry will convince SixApart (the company that makes MT) to open up the requirements and limitations on their licensing.

MT 3 Breaks the Rules