The Mac Blog has moved to being a joint effort with coworkers and is now located here.  It's just a bookmark blog for neat Apple related stuff we come across while we work.  Very geeky.

The Lydia's open mic gig went pretty good last night.  We had our drummer drop out at the last minute but Mark (Marc?) stepped in and covered well on congos and the full kit for Desire.  I find it really hard to do much dynamically on accoustic so it felt like our set just was a mash of songs blending together.  I really should have gotten a better accoustic guitar a long time ago but my techie interests always get in the way of the funds being there.  Maybe a nice Simon and Patrick.  Hmmmmm...

I think I have a performance inhibitor in my brain.  Whenever I go on stage I'm sure it looks like I'm pissed to be there and not having a good time at all.  The opposite is actually true.  I'm having a great time, loving the music but I just don't know what to do with myself.  I get lost in playing the guitar and forget to move...  and so I end up like a statue.  Which is fine if you're the only one doing it in a band... but we all tend to do that so we look like a band of robots sometimes.

Ah but we're just getting started.  Give it time I guess.  Once we make the jump to stadium rock we'll get the stage dives, guitar solos on my knees and flaming guitars going hard core.