We went to a Steve Bell concert last night at Ebenezer Church.  He brought along his daughter who sang and he had a jazz pianist from The Penny Merchants and a double bass player from the Winnipeg jazz scene.  The folky stylings of Steve's music doesn't usually make for a very lively show, but with the piano and double bass it turned out to be an amazing night of music.  The piano player was outstanding - tasetful when he needed to be and loud and agressive when the song warranted.  A "riff-off" between the piano player and bass player ended when the piano player threw in the theme to Inspector Gadget.

It's always depressing and exciting to watch musicians that inspire you to be better than you are.  Depressing because you see how much time you've wasted instead of playing guitar feverishly for 12 hours a day but exciting because you can see what the result would be if you did devote yourself to practicing how much you should.

Steve Rang My Bell