I'm going to have to admit it.  I hate admiting I like something that someone else recommended to me.  I enjoy being the one to introduce new things to people, whether it's a website, restaraunt or as in this case - music.  I mentioned in the previous post that you should go to Carlos' site and grab the new Pilate album he's got up there for the pirating world to grab.  I would like to now change that to a 'go download it but then go buy it' order!

I don't usually dig Canadian bands simply because they're Canadian.  It's only natural that you try your hardest to keep the locals humble and down on the ground where they should be and save the posturing and rock 'n rolling to the Euro bands.  (sidenote: For some reason I'm okay with 'digging' Canadian female singers, but then I have to by right of marriage)  This band has all the right mixes of Coldplay, Radiohead and whatever other moderately relevant band you want to throw in there to make a 3some.

Pilate - Not the Workout