Local Rock Star In Accident

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Travis Says Goodbye To His Baby

I was going to try and set this up as a news report but then I thought it might freak some people out and not realize that Travis is okay.

After Junior High we thought we'd setup a screen, use the projector and sound system that was set up in the lounge and watch a movie since Shannon had to stick around until 3am as a night-host for the 24/7 prayer room. We dispatched Travis to go get School of Rock while the rest of us setup the equipment. Turns out while Trav was driving through the intersection at Central and Attridge a lady decided she had enough time to cut across Attridge to the other side, forgetting that she was sitting on a patch of ice (also forgetting that she was a dumbass... had to say it for Travis). Luckily nobody was hurt and the main thing lost will be Trav's car to an SGI write-off. The lady seemed really apologetic: "What am I going to do.... oh this totally ruins my week... I was having such a good time with friends... oh, what am I going to do." (that's sarcasm kiddies) We still gave her a ride home so now we know where she lives so we can go egg her house sometime or something.

Oh, and since we didn't feel like driving all the way to Trav's house we ended up watching the first disc of the The Two Towers: Extended Edition instead. Such a great show. I still have the second disc as well as two discs of tasty extras to go through on that one.