Chips are good for heart attacks and heart ache.

Carol left me a big bag of dill pickle chips to eat while I'm covering for her EDO (earned day off).

I'm really glad it's Friday today.  This week has been crazy busy every night and we actually have a Friday off (Jr high was on Thursday night because of a wedding).  Sue and Luanne were planning to go to Edmonton today but it's not looking good as the highways are sheets of curling ice right now.  (Hurry!  Hard!  Sweep!)  Luckily it might rain this afternoon and then drop down below 0 again so that we get a second layer of ice.  That way if anyone might have actually survived out on the roads, now they won't have to worry about not getting the chance to meet their maker.

Clarence was going to try and take Sue to an autopsy today.  I don't know how I feel about seeing dead people.  I saw my grandfather's body at his open casket funeral and that was fairly creepy.  I can't imagine what a murder victim's body would do to my stomach.  Although with all the TV/movies I've watched, I'd probably just say something stupid like "that's not very realistic.  You can totally tell it's ketchup."

I like Chippies