Travis in black and white

Trav came over last night and we worked on some ideas we had.  One of them could end up sounding like a mariachi band - but we'll see.  The other one I had thought was more of a Pilate/Coldplay inspired tune but came out sounding more like a Sixpence song... blech.  We'll see though.  They're both very unfinished with not much melody worked out yet so there's still hope for them yet.

I've got three videos I have to work on for an Easter presentation at FGCC.  They've been a challenge to do as they're basically your typical talking head interview video but we've been trying to make them a little more interesting to watch without going over the top with edits/cuts/effects/cheese.

Spring is finally coming and hopefully the snow is actually going to stay gone this time.  We've been tempted and teased so many times by spring this year (foul temptress that she is) that it's a little hard to believe it's actually going to stick this time.  But this week is supposed to be above 0 all week - that's celsius for our American friends.

What's the weather like in your world today?

The Muse Struck