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Alright, so I did a bit of work on the page. Waddya think? I’m not completely satisfied and obviously the links in the top menu bar don’t go anywhere (or look like links for that matter) but it’s getting there.

Is the font too small? Sue thinks it is, I think anything larger looks like crap so I’m not sure where to go. I don’t mind it but then I’ve got 20/20 contacts.

If this text doesn’t go down far enough, then the picture starts to overlap the entry below. Hrmmm… guess I’ll just have to always be long-winded if I want to post like this.

  1. I like the look but I would agree with Sue. If increasing the font makes it suck then get a new font and increase it. It is probably the best design that you've had yet. Less is more.

  2. I like it as is. Why do things always have to be bigger. fight the power, fight the power that be.

  3. i appreciate the public enemy reference trav but it's " fight the power, we've got to fight powers that be."

  4. I would venture a guess that given the amount of drugs 'n alcohol flava flav has ingested, he's probably said it every possible way, backwards and forwards.

  5. good point chris. although, this was chuck d, not flava flav who sang this. flava didn't do much but say, "yeah boy" and do some back up stuff in most songs. although, if you want to hear a food public enemy song that is all flava flav, go steal "can a woman make a man lose his mind?" I heard flav is going to have a solo album sometime as well.

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