Keep on rockin in the free world

Update: The other bands didn't suck quite enough.  We lost out to Postlude and Unknown Reason.  Considering we had the marketability of a wet rock, I'm not too surprised.  ;)

We came, we saw, we left early cuz the other bands sucked. More Pics Here

Well, that's not totally true.  We only stayed for the next two bands and then split.  It was a fun first time out for this crew as a whole and hope to play again.  In a way not having a soundcheck and plugging in to an amp I'd never seen before tonight was a bit refreshing and we knew, aside from how we played, we had very little control over what we ended up sounding like.

You can check out a video clip here.  The distortion is from the mic on the camera, not your speakers so don't worry.

Now begins our 'eastern mysticism period' where we experiment with drugs and use lots of sitars.

Sitar man

Battle Wrap Up