Well I tried updating to the newest version of MovableType (which I managed to do without screwing up!) except I can't get the new feature, Trackback, to work. I'm probably doing something wrong since I don't really know what I'm doing and am just faking my way through this all. Anyway, if there's a MT coder who happens to pop by and wants to take a look, please let me know!

It's supposedly pretty hot outside today - I don't really get out much during the day - so hopefully I don't melt on my bikeride home. I'll have to remember to take some H20 with me.

Possible joint b-day party with Mark and I on Friday so if you're in the area, look us up! :)

(update - maybe I did get it working.. who knows?)
(updated update - I didn't. Our server doesn't support the functions necessary... oh well)

MT and Hot Weather