I was greeted with a special surprise on Friday as we were all given webcams at work. Nothing special, but free is still free and always a heck of a deal. So we spent some time fooling around with the various things you can do - and got kind of bored with it after a few minutes. But it is cool to have to chat with friends who are over-seas (or in a different country, like Matt & Heidi in Quebec!). Mark was over and so we fooled around with the blue screening software that comes with the camera:

In other news, we finally got ourselves a new bed! It's nice to have a bed that doesn't sink in the middle and you can actually feel rested after a night's sleep. We shopped around, got tired of that (pun intended) and settled on a nice queen sized mattress/box spring. The true test will be how our bodies feel after a month of sleeping on it.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday to me. :)

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