Well sort of. The pay isn't that great (it's $0/month) and very little in the way of benefits - but it does have a certain amount of prestige. I got 'hired' on to help out at one of my favorite u2 news sites, u2log.com. It gets anywhere from 1400 to over 3000 visits a day from around the world - so I hope I don't screw up! :)

Anyway, my posting name over there will be 'nothedge' (as in not the edge, get it?) so if you're so inclined and don't mind stomaching a little u2 fandom, stop by for a visit sometime.

In "Hey, look who else has a blog" news, my buddy Mark has got himself all blogged up and ready to go. It's still a work in progress (mainly because my work doesn't progress) but for now you can find his site here. It should be switching to an easier to remember name in the very near future but that's it for now.

Take it easy and enjoy the long weekend!

I got a new job!