Another sample from a different tune Travis and I are working on. Click here to check out a sample from a tune simply titled 'Rock Song' for lack of a better term. It's very rough and was put together quickly in about an hour after I expressed a desire to write a rock tune with Trav. :)

Sorry for all those folks with AOL stock - it's a bad time to have investments that you want to take out, but a good time to buy in. I'm starting to sound like my dad. I'm sure this is exactly what he'd say if i asked why we lost $50 in one month's investment.

For those of you who know Lindsay Unger, check out the place where he's going to have his wedding. Makes me want to find a way to get there even more.

Apparently the war on Iraq is under way. Kind of scary when you think of the fact that they really haven't done anything.

BUDN (Best Use of Domain Name):

Fun game to pass hours mindlessly at work (matt, I'm looking in your direction): moon lander

Makin music and listening to it too