So Wal-Mart's 1 Hour photo has turned into 24 hour photo. Now, 24 hours isn't really that long to wait for 3 rolls of film and I'm not really that impatient - but don't advertise 1 hour photo but actually taking 24 hours. Sorry for all the Wal-Mart bashing - I know lots of people really do love that place. Here's a little free advertising for them in exchange:

In other web stuff - check out this site for a look at which albums you shouldn't have in your collection. I think I have about 7 or 8 of them. I think he's a little harsh on U2 in here - but then I could be a bit biased.

Two new websites are up and running that I'm involved with. The first is of the musical variety - Travis's song that was debuted here in a sample format now has a home on Check out for any of the stuff that Trav and I come up with. Also, be sure to drop by and visit Crystal Redekop's new site that I'm working on with her. It's at and is definitely a work in progress though there's enough there to be able to send the few people that visit this site to check it out.

Photos probably tomorrow - unless Wal-Mart turns into 48 hour photo. ;)

1 Hour Photo - Not likely