Reading Newsletters Inside Feedbin

Fight spam in your RSS feed with Feedbin's new features.

Reading Newsletters Inside Feedbin

I use Feedbin for my RSS / blog reading daily. Love it. Almost perfect. No notes.

Feedbin app for reading RSS feeds with subscriptions on the left, new articles in the middle column, and the current article on the right column
A view into my Feedbin view.

Feedbin has had the ability to subscribe to email newsletters for a while, but they just improved the feature to allow you to:

  • Create unlimited email addresses to subscribe with
  • Customize the address prefix (myfavemail@, moretacosplz@, etc.)

Apparently Feedbin's also had the ability to use the "plus hack" with addresses so you can change them periodically by adding to the address and still have it be the same - i.e. myfavemail@ becomes myfavemail+moreemail@.

Love it. Fight the spam power every step of the way.