Stephen Robles with Apple TV Tips

There's a lot of features hidden in the Apple TV hardware and software that make it a lot more interesting to use.

Stephen Robles with Apple TV Tips
Stephen Robles with his favorite Apple TV

If you're an Apple nerd like me, you've probably convinced a few friends or family members to buy an Apple TV to use instead of the ugly built-in TV interface.

And if your friends or family are like mine (or me for that matter!), they barely scratch the surface of what the Apple TV is capable of.

Stephen Robles has a great video with 15 tips for the Apple TV to help unlock more of the features of the great, if slightly overpriced, streaming box.

Stephen's got a great YouTube channel worth subscribing to for Apple fans, with a particular focus on Shortcuts and home hardware, as well as a new(ish) tech podcast to check out.