Why You Shouldn't Get a PS5 Just to Play Spider-Man 2

You totally should buy a PS5 though.

Why You Shouldn't Get a PS5 Just to Play Spider-Man 2
Photo by Judeus Samson / Unsplash

There's been some low rumbling from certain members of our household, namely the ones who play video games, that in addition to a Switch, Xbox, Meta Quest, computers, and iOS devices we should also own a Playstation 5 so that we could enjoy the new Spider-Man 2 game which is exclusive to Playstation consoles.

I'm part of the video game playing group in our family, but I'm also part of the "have to earn money to buy things" part of the family, so in an effort to make myself not want yet another console in the home, I asked the helpful members of the ShopTalk Show Discord for all the reasons not to own a Playstation 5. And to make up the reasons if necessary.

So I present, without permission and without any names attached, the list of mostly made up reasons not to buy a Playstation 5 just to play Spider-Man 2:

  • can't run windows games
  • can't run macOS
  • doesn't have any good xbox / switch games
  • Hard to own one without it becoming your whole personality
  • No handheld mode
  • the left thumb stick is in the wrong place. un-usable.
  • Boring, unoriginal version naming convention
  • the b and the a button are just weird little shapes that are backwards
  • spiderman 2 WILL eventually get ported to pc. probably. maybe.
  • if you buy a ps5, you have to buy all new subscriptions for netflix, hulu, whatever streaming services
  • no icloud support
  • there's like... maybe.... what, 20 games for it?
  • no touch screen, iPads / switches are far superior
  • Games are discs? lol
  • 4K? who needs that many pixels???
  • We have Spider-Mans at home
  • Can't cut Julienne fries
  • Video games make kids violent. Should read books instead, like the Bible, which has no violence or killing. (Reasons according to my parents in the '90s; actual results may vary)
  • A lot of really good games game be played on the PS4, the hype is overrated
  • PS5 widely regarded as an unsatisfying ending to the plot lines established in PS 1–4.

I'm convinced.