I recently upgraded my home internet from Fibre+ 750 to the new and improved Ignite Internet 1.5G. The former was provided by Shaw, the later is now by the still merging Rogers together with Shaw corporate entity.

Having swapped out the Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) router for the new (to me) Ignite WiFi Gateway Gen 3 XB8, I figured I might as well do a speed comparison to see if it was worth it. Though as long as it's not slower, the price is cheaper per month than what I was paying before so it can't really not be worth it?

I tested it with both my iPhone 13 Pro's wifi as well as my Mac Studio's direct network connection.

Previous Speedtest Results

iPhone 13 Pro:

Speedtest rating showing 559.63Mbps download, 98.96Mbps upload

Mac Studio:

Speedtest rating showing 767Mbps download, 106Mbps upload

After Upgrading to Gateway Gen 3 and Internet 1.5G

iPhone 13 Pro:

Speedtest rating showing 731.70Mbps download, 137.53Mbps upload

Mac Studio:

Speedtest rating showing 930Mbps download, 149Mbps upload

So worth it in terms of getting minor speed bumps for both wired and WiFi connections. Not quite the 1.5G as advertised, but I may have to do some fiddling with the WiFi options to get my iPhone 13 to use the 6GHz band to enable that? And it's possible I only have a 1GB ethernet cable and if I swap it out for a 10GB cable I'll see faster speeds on my Mac Studio?

I used to know this stuff way back when I worked at a computer store for a living. I feel so out of it with networking tech. I'm even somewhat ashamed to admit I'm using the stock internet provider's router on my blog.

That will be the next test. This router is supposed to have a bigger range than the previous one, and there are some dead spots in our house that the previous router didn't reach that we're hoping this one will.

Upgrading Shaw Home Internet to Rogers Ignite 1.5G

How fast does my old internet compare to my new internet?