Whatever your thoughts on the series finale of Ted Lasso, or if you thought season 3 wasn't up to your standards, or season 2 and 3 didn't live up to season 1, you can't deny that this series went so much deeper than any of us expected when Apple TV announced they were making a series based off a character from a promotional campaign for NBC back in 2014, and the follow up a year later as well.

Having watched it all (twice), it's difficult to remember my thoughts before I watched it. But just the fact that I waited over a month to even watch the first episode tells you how little I expected this show to rock my world.

Just because they both wrapped up in the same week, it's interesting to compare the ugly, gross version of humanity on display in Succession to the version portrayed in Ted Lasso. I love watching the car crash of the Roy siblings in Succession on HBO and can't look away. But given the choice, I'll rewatch Ted Lasso in a heartbeat. The last 3 episodes of season 3 brought it all home for me.

Ted Lasso Finale

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Richmond.