As I work at my computer editing a podcast this morning, warm and comfortable in my home office with a cup of hot coffee at the ready, I noticed the driveway was already cleared of snow.

I want to acknowledge, and remind myself, that by gently reinforcing the idea that we need to shovel the driveway before we drive the van out over the last couple of winters, I now get to see that our driveway is shovelled and I didn’t even have to say or do anything. Even when it’s -33C on a cold December morning.

It’s not a humble parenting brag - maybe a bit of pride in my kids efforts - but more just a reminder that change often doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes time.

(Says the guy who gets so frustrated when I can't do something amazing right on my first try.)

Shovelling the Driveway Takes Time

Watching my kid's shovel the driveway from the warmth of my office.