A Personal User Manual

— 2 minute read

Via the ShopTalk Show D-d-d-d-discord, I learned about the idea of creating a personal user manual. A definition via Ness Labs:

A personal user manual is a short document outlining how you like to work, collaborate, communicate, and receive feedback. It may sound serious, but it’s actually a fun way to get to know yourself and your teammates. While you can do it on your own, it’s also a great team building workshop to organise with your colleagues.

Looking at the examples (1, 2, 3), some of them read like a resume or CV but with more personality and emotion attached.

I really like the idea of a personal user manual and could see the benefit of creating one as part of an on-boarding process for clients and/or potential hires with my business. Much like how declaring my rates early on in a conversation save time and back and forth if the budget isn't there, so would having potential clients realize we wouldn't be a good fit in work and communication styles.

There would also be a benefit for current clients to know how best to collaborate and work well together, especially when 99% of what I do with clients is through email, Discord messages, Google Drive files, or a Notion document.