Tyler.io For Nerdy Mac Fun

— 2 minute read

This is why I can't just up and quit Twitter.

I follow Aidan Fitzpatrick because he runs the company that created Camo, an app for your Mac and a complimentary app for iOS that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a webcam for chat apps like Zoom, etc. (I even made a video about how well it works). He recently shared a tweet from someone I don't follow and hadn't ever come across - Tyler Hall - who appears to be a Mac and iOS app developer.

The tweet Aidan shared was this one about the Mac utility app Tyler wrote that syncs the positions of your Desktop icons - not just the contents of your desktop like iCloud Desktop Sync does, but the actual positions of the icons. Pretty sweet bit of Mac nerdy fun.

Now I'm subscribed to Tyler's blog, Tyler.io, which is full of other awesome Mac nerdy fun like:

So that's why I can't quit Twitter just yet. Until all of you start blogging properly again, I can't reliably find out about interesting new nerds any other way.