Kids and Irreplaceable Days

— 1 minute read

Garrett Murray goes for a shot straight into the feels with thoughts on kids growing up in "Irreplaceable":

We exist only in those memories, Stacey and I. This time, here, our lives–this is the past for future Ollie and Nolan. They’re out there somewhere, 70 years from now, remembering some of these moments and that’s how we’ll live on, as a piece of their collective past. Sometimes that paralyzes me with sadness and sometimes it elevates the smallest moments. I look into Ollie’s eyes after he blows out the candles on his sixth birthday cake and for a moment I’m reaching into the far future and looking into the eyes of my grown son.

I keep a Day One journal of quotes from our kids (and for tracking when they're sick because I'm weird like that) and it's amazing how what they say can go from frustrating to emotionally gutting on a dime.