A year ago Ben Keighran quit at Apple, where he was in the Apple TV division working on the latest version of the Apple TV.

Now he's the co-founder and leader of Caffeine, a streaming service that aims to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming for the hearts and eyeballs of gaming nerds everywhere.

Caffeine is currently in beta - you can set up an account, like mine, for free via Twitter but you can't actually stream anything until you're approved by Caffeine. Which I'm not.

No word on how exactly they're implementing the streaming but due to the fact that using the site currently requires Chrome or Firefox, I'm guessing they're using a browser based method of capturing gameplay as opposed to using downloaded software like OBS or Gameshow.

It'll be a tough uphill fight against the big players - Twitch is owned by Amazon and YouTube is an Alphabet/Google property - but internet nerds love an underdog story and an opportunity to be an early adopter on a new platform is hard to resist.

Why be one of millions on YouTube when you can be in the top 10 on Twitch or Caffeine?

Former Apple TV Designer Ben Keighran is Building Caffeine.tv