I have a feeling John Scott won't be retired for long given how well he writes: his retirement announcement article is such a classy way to end something that he had no part in starting:

  • Getting voted on to the All Star team by the internet.
  • Having the NHL conspire to try and quietly get rid of him by trading him and demoting him down to the minors.

For all the tough guy macho talk of the NHL, it sounds like a bunch of guys who, aside from a few like John Scott, can't have an honest conversation unless it involves "brewskis" and "bar down":

The hockey world has an interesting relationship with violence. I just wish everyone would be more honest about the whole thing. My entire career, I’d always have a little meeting with the coach before the season. Those are always hilarious when you’re an enforcer. It’s so awkward because the coach never wants to say, “Hey man, we need you to fight. Go out there and beat the shit out of people, alright?”

He has ever right to be bitter at the way the Internet and the NHL ended his NHL career. But he goes out on a high note:

You know, I still get chirped by people on the Internet. They’ll say, "You’re just a joke. You only scored five goals in your NHL career." What can I say? You’re damn right I did.

Five Goals, Four Kids, One Hell of a Good Time