A few months ago I started playing around with Snapchat. The core idea behind it is that your messages (text, pictures, videos) disappear once they're viewed. Disposable content is kind of the opposite of what most social media is about - how many views, clicks, likes, follows, etc. help stroke our ego as we share the best of our world with the internet.

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(Technically that was from 2013. But I was just being sarcastic.)

I was intrigued.

The more I played with Snapchat - you can follow me if you already know how to use it - the more I found it to be a fun little playground for photos and videos. The less serious I took myself, the more fun I had with it.

When I would tell friends about it they would typically react with either:

  • "Snapchat? You mean where people send naked pictures to each other?"
  • "Snapchat? I don't want to accidentally send naked pictures to someone!"

Be Afraid

It was the folks who were genuinely afraid of accidentally sending a picture - naked or otherwise - out into the world that got me thinking. I've been wanting to put something together that I could sell to try using Gumroad for and love teaching and educating people on tech. So I thought, why not put together a course on how to use Snapchat?

Thus Snapchat 101: The Why, How, and WTF of Snapchat was born.

Snapchat 101 is going to be 8+ videos walking you through how to get started using Snapchat as well as show you things you might not realize you can use the app for. Snapchat has a fairly confusing UI - deliberately so - and so my course will help explain what buttons do what and how to have fun using Snapchat.

If you pre-order right now before it's launched on Friday April 15th, 2016 you can get it for $5USD. It'll go up to $7USD once it's released. [footnote]As this is my first time releasing a product like this, I'll be playing around with the pricing going forward. On the one hand $7 for an hour of video training is pretty inexpensive considering how long it took me to put together. On the other hand - people on the internet don't like expensive. I'll be blogging/podcasting my adventure along the way. [/footnote]

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or on Twitter. If you want to forward the course on to someone you think might like it use this link: https://gum.co/snapchat101. And thanks so much for sharing it!


Snapchat 101: A Course to Try and Explain Snapchat