Getting Ahead vs. Doing Well

— 1 minute read

Via Daring Fireball comes this article by Seth Godin on Getting Ahead vs. Doing Well:

One unspoken objection to raising the minimum wage is that people, other people, those people, will get paid a little more. Which might make getting ahead a little harder. When we raise the bottom, this thinking goes, it gets harder to move to the top.
After a company in Seattle famously raised its lowest wage tier to $70,000, two people (who got paid more than most of the other workers) quit, because they felt it wasn’t fair that people who weren’t as productive as they were were going to get a raise.
They quit a good job, a job they liked, because other people got a raise.
This is our culture of ‘getting ahead’ talking.

Rather than being happy with what you have, you waste energy and time getting upset that someone else might have gotten something.

Why are humans so awful?