Stars Wars Coming to Digital HD on iTunes

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I recently finally caved and picked up[footnote]Technically I got it for Christmas, but I did ask for it.[/footnote] the original Star Wars trilogy, which is why a few months later they're announcing that all six Star Wars movies are coming to iTunes.

So if you were holding out waiting until Star Wars came out on digital, you're welcome.

At $24.99CDN each, it's not cheap to pick up the entire set. You can buy the entire set on blu-ray for $105CDN so it's frustrating that with digital, we're paying more instead of less. Less packaging, less boxes to ship, less trucks to pay for delivery and yet we're paying almost twice as much on digital.

Apple's put a bundle of all 6 together: Buy the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection for $125CDN.

Star Wars, the original trilogy, on iTunes: permalink

Order the other three at your own peril.

Star Wars, the other three, on iTunes: permalink

It's not a huge surprise that these came out now given that episode 7 is being released in December, 2015. It still boggles my mind that there's a new Star Wars coming out in my lifetime. And that it might actually be good.