If there was ever a game that would make me want to go back to my days on Windows and messing with video cards, Soundblaster drivers and joysticks, Star Citizen looks like the one.

The successor to Wing Commmander, a game I spent many hours in flying a virtual spaceship trying to save the galaxy, Star Citizen is a commercial calibre game crowdfunded to the tune of $70 million currently and potentially reaching $100 million in 2015.

I remember the world feeling so huge and alive back in 1990 in Wing Commander. Star Citizen looks incredible:

Star Citizen Video Overview


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Charlie Hall over at Polygon has a great write up of getting his first kill in Star Citizen:

I'm watching the Hornet's shields fail on my HUD and suddenly, brutally, the Gladius launches a single missile right up its tailpipe. It's highlighted by a spinning triangle on my screen and it bears down mercilessly on the Hornet and detonates just as the pilot is pulling back on the throttle to dodge an asteroid. The Hornet cartwheels twice before it slams face first against the asteroid and breaks up. The light around it on my HUD winks out.


SXSW Trailer


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Better start saving my pennies.

From Wing Commander to Star Citizen