My Favourite iOS Podcast App Gets an Update

— 2 minute read

If you asked me before today which iOS app was my favourite since iOS 8 came out, I'd have told you Pocket Casts.

Then today Shifty Jelly updated Pocket Casts to version 5 and it became my slightly more favourite'er (it's a word ok) iOS podcast player.

Then we noticed that not only was Transmission, Kyle & Kenny Roderick's awesome podcast, featured heavily throughout the website and app, they also used a hint of Show Me Your Mic's artwork on their blog post announcement:

Screenshot 2014-11-06 21.08.50

Maybe someday I'll become blasé about seeing my podcast show art pop up around the web, but that day is not today.

After you've set up Pocket Cast on your iOS device of choice, be sure to check out their web app at

By the way, here's a few things that are new in Pocket Cast 5:

  • Refreshed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Handoff support. For those of you that use our new web player you can now tap one button on your mac, and it will open the same episode in the web player, auto-loaded to where you’re currently up to.
  • Actionable notifications. You can now add to Up Next and download directly from a notification, without having to open the app.
  • Per podcast notification settings, you can now choose to receive notifications for only the podcasts you care the most about.
  • Auto downloads any new episodes that come out for that podcast, a huge boon for the hourly podcast fans among us.