CSI: Minecraft on Penny Arcade

— 2 minute read

First read this.

My wife opened up the activity log and began cross-referencing the log in times of the various children with the what we believed was the time of the attack.

Then read this.

Interrogating your child is a novel experience, and we have many models in popular culture to inform us. I was surprised at how exquisite the parallels were. I could practically see the pattern of light from a lone and swinging phantom bulb.

I love reading about how nerds have to navigate the parenting waters together on digital platforms and playgrounds that are no different than the real ones at the park.

I have an angry rant in my head pointed at people who give me that "someone spent how much time playing a dumb video game to build a stupid house?" whenever I mention Minecraft but I'll save that for a future Daily(ish) episode I think. Swearing in audio is much more fun than swearing on a blog, right?

For now I'll leave it with Tycho's well written thoughts:

Minecraft is a game, and this game has rules. You can give those rules more or less weight. But it is also a one to one model of people and actions. Which means that, among other things, they can learn about being human.