Yesterday was the official launch day for Goodstuff - the broadcast network that Adam Clark, Tim Smith and myself built.

It's a replacement of sorts for SSKTN, though there's still  a couple podcasts that will live there for now until we decide what to do with them.

For our launch day I came up with an idea (on Monday no less) that it'd be neat if we could try and stream live for the whole day - 8 hours of it anyway. Thinking that between the three of us co-founders and the various hosts of other shows we have it wouldn't be that hard to fill up the day.

At 1am the night before while I was convincing my daughter that it'd be a good idea to go back to sleep I started to feel a little panicked that we had promised more than we could deliver. I envisioned a straight hour of just heavy breathing and lots of "uhms" and "ahhhs". A deer caught in the virtual headlights of a Heil PR40 microphone.

Goodstuff Live Stream Schedule

A look at our schedule for the day.

When we finally turned off the live stream at 5pm CST I realized we had actually done it. 8 hours (with a few potty breaks) of always on broadcasting for our new podcast network.

While some of the day's content may have been rough at times and there's certainly lots to improve on, I'm immensely proud of how the team of people working on Goodstuff came together and did it.

It was also great fun to see all the folks who tuned in to listen live and participate in the chat room - giving feedback, suggesting and voting for show titles and cheering us on.

There's exciting times ahead for Goodstuff and I'm pumped to be getting to be a part of it.

The Shows Recorded During the 8 Hour Live Stream

We didn't record everything we streamed out - that'd be insane! Maybe for the version 2 launch party next year? Here's a list of the shows we did record:

Buy a Shirt and Get Some Goodstuff On You

Want to support Goodstuff? Buy our launch special t-shirt:

Goodstuff T-shirt

If you do buy a shirt, please drop me a line with a photo. I'd love to see it out in the wild. And thank you tremendously for listening and reading along with all the weird stuff I do. It means a lot to me and the other folks involved in Goodstuff.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Goodstuff Official Launch