Building Storage for Backblaze

— 1 minute read

Backblaze - sign up here and support my blog - does automatic, offsite back up from your computer. I use it and love having a backup system that I don't have to think about - much like Apple's own Time Machine service that's built into every Mac - plus it's offsite.

Over on the Backblaze blog they've written up details on their storage pod 4 - the system of hard drives they build to back up all their customer's data:

Storage Pod 4.0 uses forty-five 4 TB hard drives for a storage capacity of 180 TB

They've managed to get the cost per gigabyte down from $0.117 for their original Storage Pod in September, 2009 to $0.0517 currently on Storage Pod 4.

You can learn how to build your own for around $10,500 or order it from 45drives for $12,600.

We will never have enough storage.