A great article by Jason Snell at Macworld on the 30th anniversary of the Mac:

“Every company that made computers when we started the Mac, they’re all gone,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, in an interview on Apple's Cupertino campus Thursday.

And where the Mac is headed now in 2014:

“There is a super important role [for the Mac] that will always be,” Schiller said. “We don’t see an end to that role. There’s a role for the Mac as far as our eye can see. A role in conjunction with smartphones and tablets, that allows you to make the choice of what you want to use.

I really like that phrase - "as far as our eye can see" - because it says there's a long future for the Mac but we can only see so far. Who can really know what's going to come.

Apple Executives on the Mac at 30