Everpix is Shutting Down

— 1 minute read

From their blog:

It’s frustrating (to say the least) that we cannot continue to work on Everpix. We were unable to secure sufficient funding in order to properly scale the business, and our endeavors to find a new home for Everpix did not come to pass. At this point, we have no other options but to discontinue the service.

Dang. I really liked the way the service was shaping up.

I agree with John Siracusa:


Apple should buy Everpix. Or something like it. A service that gets that I want the canonical version of my photos in the cloud and not on every device.

If Google+ wasn't owned by Google, it'd be a great service to recommend. I've continued using their background photo sync which keeps a backup of all my photos from my iPhone, in addition to the Dropbox backup I do as well.

I'm glad I decided to use the Dropbox route with Everpix as my photos are still organized in Dropbox by year/month. But until Dropbox builds a better front end for it to view photos, it's still lacking what Everpix had for photo viewing/sharing.