Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam''s New LP

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First: what's an LP? 1

I don't love every single thing Pearl Jam has put out. But I like a lot more of their stuff than most other bands that started out in the 90s and are still around.

And I could read articles like this interview with Eddie Vedder about the making of a new record on Rolling Stone all day long.

On current pop music:

These pop songs almost feel like tabloid journalism, in a way. It's crap that people seem to like. And I don't know if it has meaning. I don't know if one of the pop songs of the summer has any fiber in it. People are consuming it, and is it healthy? I don't know. Maybe it's some kind of way of taking themselves away from their problems. Maybe there's some healthy property or some restorative property that I'm not receiving. It seems like it has a really high fructose content.

You can pre-order Pearl Jam's new album Lightning Bold on iTunes.

See also: Pearl Jam Producer Brendan O'Brien on the new recording.

  1. I know what it is. Don't send me email.