The Intellectual Radio Program Debuts

— 1 minute read

I'm pumped to announce the new show I've launched with myself, Adam Clark and Tim Smith called The Intellectual Radio Program - tongue firmly placed in cheek obviously.


In episode 1 of the show titled "Punch You in the Targaryens", we talk about Time Warner pulling a CBS blackout and then reversing their decision, Netflix setting up viewer accounts within a family, and Marco Arment’s post about what having internet fame gets you in terms of sales in the App Store.

We spend the last half of the show talking through episodes 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones, season 1. Plenty of spoilers abound so you’ve been warned.

Take a listen and then be sure to subscribe in iTunes and leave a rating or review while you're there - it helps us get the show out to more people if we get a review. Especially the 5 star reviews.