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Editorial for iPad ($4.99 in the App Store, website) is a new writing, editing and coding app for the iPad that looks really powerful. If I had an iPad I'd be picking up a copy right now.

Editorial is a plain text editor for the iPad with powerful automation tools and a beautiful inline preview for writing Markdown.

You can combine a large selection of simple text processing actions into your very own workflows — all in an intuitive drag'n'drop interface that makes it easy to see what's happening — even if things get complex.

And if that's not enough, you have a full-fledged Python interpreter at your fingertips, including modules for easily accessing the editor's text, the iOS clipboard, or even your photo library. Editorial is the first fully-scriptable writing app on iOS.

When smart folks like Merlin Mann are tweeting things like


then you know this app is in an interesting space.

Federico Viticci of MacStories said:

When I’m on my Mac, I miss Editorial’s automation and editing features.

which is an interesting thought since most people assume it works the other way. When you're on a smaller, less featured device like an iPad or iPhone you'll miss features, not the other way around. Check out Federico's full review of Editorial for iPad - written on Editorial for iPad. Just keep scrolling.

I'm excited to see where iOS apps are going and Editorial for iPad is a great landmark app of what's possible on iOS in 2013.

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