Merlin Mann on Show Me Your Mic

— 2 minute read

I had the pleasure of having Merlin Mann on my podcast Show Me Your Mic.

I'll just quote from my intro on the episode:

It would be hard to overstate how much of an influence Merlin Mann has had on my online escapades. From the way I blog on my weblog, toot on my Twitter or tumble on my tumblr. You get the idea.

Merlin's a great guest and a pro when it comes to broadcast/podcasting and so while I felt the most nervous before our chat than I have for most other interviews, the actual interview was the easiest I've ever conducted. I think it came off really well and I really enjoyed it - Canadian jokes aside. 1

I was also pleased to be able to share the story of my son peeing on the slide at McDonald's with the potentially biggest listener audience I've ever had. Making my family proud!

  1. Merlin actually makes the best kind of Canadian jokes. They come coated with love AND maple syrup.