WWDC 2013 - Designing Something Requires Focus

— 4 minute read

The WWDC 2013 keynote is in the books and the playful spirit the various presenters had during the keynote made for a much lighter, focused and more entertaining keynote than Apple's put on in recent memory.

The keynote started with a great video that spoke to the direction Apple is headed - the focus that's required as well as the ability to start over and wipe what you've done off the table - a great prelude to what was to come in iOS 7.

Designing Something Requires Focus

There's also a "Made in America, Designed by Apple" push that Apple is making, starting with the new Mac Pro as evidenced with the new page and promo video.

OS X permalink

  • Craig Fedderighi does a great job of previewing OS X "Mavericks". Not sold on the name but it's what we'll have to get used to.
  • Multiple digs at the former design of Calendar.app - "even without the stitching it still stays on the screen"
  • iBooks and Maps make their first OS X appearance with iCloud syncing features from their iOS counterparts.
  • Tagging and Finder tabs show Apple isn't finished rethinking OS X's core functions.
  • iCloud keychain will serve as a great introduction to the idea behind 1Password. It'll cover most people's needs and be easier to use than 1Password but for the rest of us there will still be a need for 1Password.
  • FaceTime will be getting audio only calls so you don't always have to have your face/hair ready to go. We can't all have Craig Federighi's hair.

MacBook Air / AirPort Extreme permalink

  • Up to 12 hour battery life
  • 802.11ac wireless support
  • No Retina Display yet which is kind of disappointing. But at least my MacBook Air is still relatively current.
  • New AirPort Extreme base station
  • New AirPort Time Capsule

Mac Pro Preview permalink

  • Phil Schiller had a great line after the Mac Pro promo video played:"Can't Innovate Anymore, My Ass"
  • Crazy go nuts stats, numbers and performance nerd stuff
  • Motion sensor to light up the ports when you turn it
  • Coming later this year...

iCloud and iWork permalink

  • iWork in the browser. Meh.
  • Works on Windows in Safari, Chrome and IE
  • iWork for iOS/Mac update coming in the fall

iOS 7 permalink

  • Preview video with new VP of Design Jony Ive
  • All new design.
  • Nice cut to Jonny Ive during "Game Center" dig in the keynote.
  • Multiple pages of apps within a folder. That looks sweet.
  • New swipe gesture to go back. Inspired by Riposte perhaps?
  • Control Center looks great for quickly accessing system settings
  • Multitasking is visual and shows the apps as you scroll through them
  • GIF of Phil Schiller nodding to C-Fed's jokes.
  • New Photos.app adds Organizational structure, events and geo-tagged photos
  • iCloud allows other people to share into a photo stream
  • Siri gets a new voice - female and male
  • iOS in the car -
  • App Store - show apps near me, auto-updating of apps
  • iTunes Radio - free with ads or ad-free with iTunes Match subscription. I'm actually more excited about this than I thought I was at first glance. Combining owning music with internet radio is a great way to bridge the gap for those of us who want to both own music and stream it when we want it now.

It's hard to judge an OS until you've had some time on hand with it but at first glance I'm excited about the direction Apple is going with iOS 7. It looks fresh, clean and like the kind of move forward that will have us looking back at the pre-iOS 7 design and wondering how we stared at it for so long.