We've just started watching Orphan Black - literally one episode in so no spoilers! - and are intrigued by it. It has come with a lot of praise from folks I follow on Twitter and family members who've watched it and so I'm always a bit apprehensive starting to watch a show that people are praising so highly. It can't be that good, right?

And while it's too early for me to tell, there's clearly a lot of support among her peers for Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany as a great actress:

When you get Patton Oswalt going on the subject of Orphan Black and its star, Tatiana Maslany, he gets a little shouty.
 “She absolutely deserves an Emmy,” he said recently on the phone at an escalating volume. “There’s just no argument to it. Not a nomination. AN EMMY. An. EMMY.” - Why Patton Oswalt Thinks “Orphan Black’s” Tatiana Maslany Is The “Best Actress Alive”

Watching the show I just assumed Maslany was British but in fact she's Canadian and grew up down the road from where I live:

Maslany grew up in Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her father is a woodworker and cabinetmaker; her mother is a French/English translator — wait! That explains the accents she does on Orphan Black. “My mom taught me German before I knew English,” she said. “And I went to French immersion school. It’s been around me. I think because I learned it at a young age, your brain understands how languages are structured.” (Her natural accent is one of mild Canadiana.)

Mild Canadiana? Aren't all Canadians pretty mild?

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The Best Actress Alive is in Orphan Black