Instacast for Mac Beta

— 1 minute read

I use Instacast on my iPhone to listen to podcasts (Instacast 3 in the App Store) and as nice as it is to have podcasts on the go, I spend a good portion of my day at my laptop playing a podcast on my iPhone which sits on my desk. Not a big deal but it does use my iPhone's battery while playing and so I often end up having my iPhone plugged in and charging.

Or as Stephen Hackett put it:

Finally, our long national nightmare of listening to our iPhones at our desks is coming to an end.

The Instacast for Mac beta is now available to try out and I'm excited to give it a spin.

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I've been hanging on to Instacast 2 on my iPhone but it looks like I might finally have to take the plunge and upgrade to get Instacast Cloud support for syncing of playlists and podcasts between the Mac and iOS.