MacHeist 2013 NanoBundle

— 1 minute read

MacHeist's NanoBundle for 2013 includes some great apps for $9.99:

  • xScope is for developer/designers who need pixel measurements.
  • iStopMotion is an app to record and create stop motion videos.
  • Totals I'm not familiar with but it's an invoicing app.
  • Clarify is an app to more easily send screenshots and instructions.
  • CLean My Mac does what it sounds like.

Path Finder and Little Inferno are unlocked once a certain number of sales have been reached - which they always do.

Fantastical is the app that I'm most interested in picking up. I just don't do enough calendar/event scheduling that it makes it worth it to me. And the places I do a lot of scheduling for, namely SSKTN, I do it in Basecamp so Fantastical doesn't help there.

Totalled up the apps would cost $250 if you bought them all. Just about all the apps included are more than $9.99 on their own so even if, like me, you're after just one it's still worth it to pick up the bundle.

Will you be buying the 2013 MacHeist Bundle?