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Drafts for iPhone

Drafts for iOS (Drafts for iPhone $2.99, Drafts for iPad $3.99) is like most great apps that look so simple that’s almost perplexing how you might use it but then you come across one little tip or trick and all of a sudden the app just opens up to you.

Blank screen in Drafts

Blank screen in Drafts

Maybe that’s just me?

Reading through Advanced Tips for Drafts App my brain hurts a bit trying to figure out how I might use Drafts. The idea of appending notes to a text file in Dropbox is awesome and confusing at the same time.

So my simple use for Drafts right now is to post a tweet without having to actually log in to Twitter.

Why would I want to do that?

Well if I load up Tweetbot then I see the stream of tweets that I haven’t read since I last looked, plus any replies or mentions I might have gotten as well. Not that I’m so popular that I have a lot of either, but it still pulls me in to keep up.

Here’s how it works with Drafts in a few screenshots.

Here’s that tweet:

Fancy hey?

More Screenshots

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve barely scratched the surface of how I could be using Drafts. I’m beginning to use it to send tasks and thoughts to Omnifocus, also to send entries to Day One but I often forget and just end up using the apps directly. Which is fine – except that on my iPhone 4 Drafts starts up much quicker than either of those two apps.

Have you used Drafts yet? I’m curious how you’ve integrated it into your workflow.

  1. The advanced tips were more to give an idea of how far you can go with actions, but I think it’s best to start off slowly and use the built-in actions to get familiar with the app. Hope the post helped!

  2. Hey George,

    Sorry if my link to your post sounded like a back-handed compliment. It’s what motivated me to take another look at Drafts and like you said, work my way up to what you and others are doing.

    For being a “simple” OS, it’s awesome how much power is actually going on under the hood in iOS.

  3. Chris,

    Not taken that way at all. I agree with the “head spinning” possibilities for sure, I sometimes get a bit carried away when geeking out on this stuff. You might find some more straightforward uses for Drafts in some of my other posts:

    I still use a lot of the built-in actions, but I like automating stuff and seeing how far I can push things. Thanks for the link and glad it inspired you to take another look, Drafts is the only non-Apple app that made it to my iPhone dock.

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