Michael Jordan Has Not Left the Building

— 1 minute read

“I value that,” he says. “I like reminiscing. I do it more now watching basketball than anything. Man, I wish I was playing right now. I would give up everything now to go back and play the game of basketball.”

ESPN profiles Michael Jordan as he turns 50. Doesn't sound like he's a great dad, friend or boss - but at least he's got money, right?

In case anyone in the inner circle forgets who's in charge, they only have to recall the code names given to them by the private security team assigned to overseas trips. Estee is Venom. George is Butler. Yvette is Harmony. Jordan is called Yahweh -- a Hebrew word for God.

And he's obsessed with getting back to his playing weight:

He never says it, but it seems as though he's playing the game in his head, using his rage for its intended purpose. He still knows how to play. He could shut down LeBron, if his body wouldn't betray him, if he could hold off time, if he could get to 218.

Glory days well they'll pass you by.