Don't Run a Sh*tty Company

— 2 minute read

Interesting discussion on last week's Quit!, episode 14 talking about Yahoo's decision to no longer allow people to remotely work.

I loved this quote from the discussion:

Yahoo is an internet company that’s scared of the internet.

David Heinemeier Hansson was a guest on this episode and he offers some fresh, honest 1 advice on building a new "thing" and running a modern company. David is a partner at 37signals, creators of Basecamp, Highrise and Campfire.

It's an interesting time and it's certainly not for every business - but you have to believe that in a few (5? 10?) years we'll look back on how people all used to have to go to a physical office and wonder why we lived that way?

I'm not saying every business will be that way, nor will we all live in little digital holes in our basement. But if you just think of the amount of time our society spends driving to and from work - hours a day - and imagine what could be done with that time2?

  1. Honest sometimes meaning he uses swear words, as evidenced by the title of the show. You've been warned. 
  2. Or how many episodes of Lost you could watch?