If You See the Computer They Blew It

— 2 minute read

The difference is, of course, I can put the phone in my pocket the second you start talking to me. It is not part of our conversation and there is no screen alerting me to a new message or enticing me with some video. Putting the phone in my pocket is a way to say, “Okay it’s just you and me talking now.” But wearing that computer on your face is a reminder that, well, you have a damn computer on your face.

Andre Torrez on Google Glass, link to Torrez article via Daring Fireball

As a tech geek I'm intrigued by Google Glass. But having seen how little self control most people have with their smartphones - turn off notifications, put it away when you're in a conversation, your 5 year old doesn't need an iPhone - I can't imagine handing over this level of distraction to the average person.

Think of that annoying person who's texting, tweeting or Instagram'ing constantly while you're sitting together at a coffee shop. Now imagine that they're doing all that on a pair of glasses so it kind of looks like they're talking to you but completely not.

What? Oh sorry. No I was talking to my glasses. What were you saying?

When this is more widely available, it'll really test the old saying that you wouldn't punch a person wearing glasses.